88 Adjectives that Start with Y (Y Adjectives in English)

The letterYis one of the least used letters in the English language. There are only about 438words that start with the letterYin the English language. That leaves very few adjectives that start with Y.

一个djectives that Start with Y

一个s mentioned, there are several adjectives that start with the letter Y, including yellow, young, yummy, yearlong, yielding, yonder, yucky, and youthful. These adjectives can be used to describe a variety of things, from the color of an object to the age or appearance of a person or thing. For example, someone might describe a banana as “yummy” or a field as “yielding” when referring to its productivity.

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Descriptive Adjectives that Start with Y

There aredescriptive adjectivesthat start with Y.

一个djective Example
Yachting The couple enjoyed ayachtingtrip in the Mediterranean.
Yacking The kids wereyackingaway during the movie.
Yahooing The fans wereyahooingafter their team scored the winning goal.
Yammering She keptyammeringabout how hard her job was.
Yankee The souvenir shop had a selection ofYankeehats.
Yapping The small dog wasyappingat the mailman.
Yappy TheyappyChihuahua was annoying the neighbors.
Yarrish The pirate had ayarrishlaugh.
Yawl The fishermen used ayawlto catch their daily haul.
Yawling The baby wasyawlingin his crib.
Yawning The lecture was so boring that everyone wasyawning.
Yeared The newlyweds wereyeared 25 and 28.
Yearling The farmer raisedyearlingcattle.
Year-long The project took ayear-longeffort to complete.
Yearly The company had ayearlymeeting to review its performance.
Yearnful Theyearnfullook on her face showed she wanted to travel the world.
Year-round The beach was ayear-rounddestination for tourists.
Yeast The bread dough needed someyeastto rise properly.
Yeasty The beer had ayeastyflavor.
Yellow The walls in the kitchen were paintedyellow.
Yellow-bellied He was called ayellow-belliedcoward for not standing up to the bullies.
Yellowish The leaves on the trees turnedyellowishin the fall.
Yenning He had ayenningfor adventure and travel.
Yeomanlike Theyeomanlikeworker never missed a day of work.
Yeomanly Theyeomanly仆人总是看起来的最佳利益f his master.
Yester Theyesterdays of his youth seemed so far away.
Yew Theyewtree in the garden was hundreds of years old.
Yewen The archery bow wasyewenand finely crafted.
Yiddish The elderly couple conversed inYiddish.
Yieldable The territory wasyieldablein exchange for peace.
Yielding She was ayieldingperson who always tried to avoid conflicts.
Yieldless The army fought fiercely in ayieldlessbattle.
Yodeling The Swiss tradition ofyodelingwas performed by a group of musicians.
Yon Yonmountain range was visible from the cabin.
Yonder The riveryonderwas known for its clear water.
Young Theyoungchild was learning to walk.
Youngish The actress played the role of ayoungishwidow.
Youngly She actedyounglyby going out to parties and staying up late.
Your Is thisyourbook?
Yours The package isyoursto keep.
Youthful The elderly woman had ayouthfulspirit.
Youthly The athlete was praised for hisyouthlyenergy on the field.
Youthsome Theyouthsomeflowers were in full bloom.
Yugoslav TheYugoslavflag was red, white, and blue.
Yugoslavian TheYugoslaviancuisine was a mix of different regional dishes.
Yummier The homemade cookies wereyummierthan the store-bought ones.
Yummiest The chef’s signature dish was theyummieston the menu.

Positive Adjectives that Start with Y

一个djective Example Sentence
Youthful She had ayouthfulenergy that never seemed to fade.
Yummy The pizza was soyummy,I couldn’t resist having another slice.
Yellow The sunflowers in the field were a vibrant shade ofyellow.
Yare The ship wasyare,ready to sail at a moment’s notice.
Yippee Yippee!I won the race!
Yes The answer isyes,I will come to the party.
Yarely The horse movedyarely,showing off its agility.
Young Theyoung孩子充满了好奇和怀疑。
Yclept He wasyclept“the wizard” by those who knew of his magic.
Yarny The scarf was soft and warm, made of ayarnymaterial.
Yappy The little dog wasyappy,barking at everything that moved.
Yolked The egg was perfectlyyolked,with a bright orange center.
Yielding The soil wasyielding,making it easy to plant the seeds.
Yester The dress had ayestervibe, reminding her of a bygone era.
Yin Theyinand yang symbol represents the balance of opposing forces.
Yearlong The project was ayearlongendeavor that required dedication and hard work.
Yawning She couldn’t stopyawning,feeling tired from a long day at work.
Yestern Theyesternweather was sunny and warm, perfect for a picnic.

Negative Adjectives that Start with Y

一个djective Definition
Yearning Having a strong desire or longing for something that is unattainable or beyond reach
Yucky Unpleasant or disgusting in taste, appearance, or smell
Yielding Easily influenced or persuaded; lacking in firmness or resistance
Yapping Making sharp, high-pitched barking sounds repeatedly and rapidly
Yawning Causing boredom or lack of interest; characterized by tiredness and lack of energy
Yellow-bellied Cowardly or lacking courage or bravery
Yowling Making loud, prolonged, mournful cries or sounds
Yin Passive, negative, or feminine energy in Chinese philosophy and medicine
Yeasty Having a strong, unpleasant smell or taste, like that of yeast or fermentation
Yappy Barking loudly and persistently; characterized by excessive noise or talkativeness
Yokelish Having the characteristics or behavior of a rustic or unsophisticated country person
Yelling Shouting loudly, often in anger or to attract attention
Yobbish Loutish, uncouth, or boorish in behavior or mannerisms
Yieldless Producing little or no yield; unproductive or barren
Youthful Immature, inexperienced, or lacking in wisdom or judgment (when used negatively in context)

Descriptive Adjectives that Start with Y that Describe a Person

一个djective Definition
Yakut Of or relating to the Yakut people or their language.
Yankee Of or relating to the northeastern region of the United States.
Yao Of or relating to the Yao people or their culture.
Yappy Tending to bark sharply and frequently.
Yeasty Containing or resembling yeast; lively and energetic.
Yellow Having a yellow color; cowardly or treacherous.
Yemeni Of or relating to Yemen or its people.
Yiddish Of or relating to Yiddish language or culture.
Yielding Easily influenced or dominated; giving way to pressure.
Yogic Of or relating to yoga or yogis.
Yokelish Having the characteristics of a rustic or unsophisticated person.
Yon Distant but within sight; that over there.
Yonder Distant but within sight; being at a distance beyond what is normal.
Young Having lived or existed for only a short time; not old.
Youngling 一个young person or animal.
Youthful Having the qualities of youth; vigorous and energetic.
Yo-yo Characterized by abrupt and repeated changes; unstable.
Yucatecan Of or relating to Yucatan or its people.
Yucky Unpleasant or distasteful.
Yugoslav Of or relating to Yugoslavia or its people.
Yugoslavian Of or relating to Yugoslavia or its people.

List of Adjectives that Start with Y

  • Yabbering
  • Yachting
  • Yacked
  • Yacking
  • Yahooing
  • Yakut
  • Yammering
  • Yankee
  • Yanking
  • Yao
  • Yapping
  • Yappy
  • Yare
  • Yarrish
  • Yawl
  • Yawling
  • Yawning
  • Yeared
  • Yearling
  • Yearlong
  • Year-long
  • Yearly
  • Yearnful
  • Year-round
  • Yeast
  • Yeast-bitten
  • Yeastlike
  • Yeasty
  • Yechy
  • Yeilding
  • Yellow
  • Yellow-bellied
  • Yellowish
  • Yemeni
  • Yemenite
  • Yenning
  • Yeomanlike
  • Yeomanly
  • Yester
  • Yestern
  • Yew
  • Yewen
  • Yiddish
  • Yieldable
  • Yielding
  • Yieldless
  • Yippee
  • Yippy
  • Yobbish
  • Yodeling
  • Yogic
  • Yogistic
  • Yokeless
  • Yokelish
  • Yoke-toed
  • Yon
  • Yonder
  • Young
  • Youngish
  • Youngling
  • Young-looking
  • Youngly
  • Your
  • Yours
  • Youthful
  • Youthly
  • Youthsome
  • Youthy
  • Yowling
  • Yo-yo
  • Yoyoing
  • Ypsiloid
  • Ytterbic
  • Yttric
  • Yttriferous
  • Yttrious
  • Yucatecan
  • Yucky
  • Yugoslav
  • Yugoslavian
  • Yuletide
  • Yuman
  • Yummier
  • Yummiest
  • Yummy
  • Yuppifying
  • Yvel

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