Useful Collective Nouns For Food and Drinks

Collective Nouns For Food! Learn usefulCollective Nouns对食物、食物和饮料的区分的名词examples and ESL printable worksheets.

Collective Nouns for Food and Drinks

Examples of Collective Nouns for Food and Drinks

A bar/ A square of chocolate

She dealt outa bar of chocolateto each child.

A batch of cakes

Mother was in the kitchen whipping upa batch of cakes.

A bottle of milk

She brought sandwiches anda bottle of milk.

A bowl of rice

I just want a sizzling beef anda bowl of rice.

A box of cereal

I’ve just boughta box of cereal.

A can of soda

I dranka can of soda.

A carton of milk

She was so thirsty that she dranka carton of milk.

A cup of tea

I’ve poureda cup of teafor you.

A glass of water

Could I havea glass of water, please?

A jar of honey

I have boughta jar of honey.

A jug of water

She spilleda jug of water.

A kilo of meat

I must buya kilo of meattoday.

A kilo of sugar

I boughta kilo of sugarand a bunch of grapes.

A loaf of bread

I’ll go across to the shop and buya loaf of bread.

A packet of tea

She boughta packet of teato drink on the journey.

A piece of cheese

He was clutchinga piece of cheese.

A piece of chocolate

I’d like two teas anda piece of chocolate cake, please.

A pile of cookies

Do you wanta pile of cookies?

A slice of bread

She hungrily atea slice of bread.

A slice of pizza

Linda cuta slice of pizzafor me.

A tub of margarine

他们都非常小,重量一样a tub ofmargarine.

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  2. I believe most of these words are better described as partitive nouns rather than collective nouns. They mostly describe a ‘part’ of a larger amount and not a collection of individual items. Wouldn’t you agree?


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