Correlative Conjunctions: Useful List and Examples

When studying the English language, you will benefit greatly from understanding the correlative conjunction. This is a type of conjunction which is used to make a correlation between two words or phrases. The correlative conjunction is a pair of words which are placed at various points within a sentence.

This may sound like a complicated concept, but it really isn’t. In this section, we are going to be looking at exactly how a correlative conjunction works which will not only allow you to form more detailed sentences but will also give you a more solid grasp on English grammar.

What is a Correlative Conjunction?

Learn the list of CorrelativeConjunctions(Either/Or, Neither/Nor, As/As, Rather/Than, Both/And…) with example sentences and picture.

Correlative conjunctions are pairs ofconjunctionswhich work together to coordinate two items. They always appear in pairs. This means that you use them to link equivalent sentence elements.

There are many different pairs of correlative conjunctions:

Technically speaking, correlative conjunctions consist simply of acoordinating conjunctionlinked to anadjectiveoradverb.

Correlative Conjunctions Examples

  • The company deals inbothhardwareandsoftware.
  • I will eateithercarrotsorpeas for dinner.
  • Natalie, likesneithermilknorcream cake.
  • Do you carewhetherwe have noodlesorrice for dinner?
  • Henot onlystudies hardbut alsoworks well.
  • It’ssucha tiny kitchenthatI don’t have to do much to keep it clean.
  • Scarcelyhad she entered the roomwhenthe phone rang.
  • No sooner他进入房间吗thanhe saw a snake.

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