At The Doctor’s Vocabulary: Diseases and Treatments in English

At The Doctor’s Vocabulary! List ofdiseasesand treatments with pictures and examples to increase your vocabulary words in English. When you pay a visit to the doctors there are a lot of terms that you might need to be able to understand and communicate. The reason that this is so important is because your health is the most important thing you have and so understanding the things that are happening at the doctor will benefit more than your language skills.

In this section, you will be learning all the vocabulary that you will need when attending the doctors in an English speaking country.

At The Doctor’s Vocabulary

List ofDiseasesand Treatments


  • Fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Broken arm
  • Injury
  • Diabetes
  • Sore finger
  • Toothache
  • Stomachache
  • Sprain


  • Bed rest
  • Blood tests
  • Diet
  • Surgery
  • Exercise
  • Physical therapy
  • Shot (U.S)/ Jab (U.K)
  • Massage
  • X-ray
  • Eye exam
  • Pressure measuring
  • Examination
  • Infusion

CommonDisease Nameswith Examples and Pictures

Illnessis generally used as a synonym for disease.Treatmentsormedical therapiesare efforts to cure or improve a disease or other health problems.


– He’s got a headache and a slightfever.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 2 Pin

High blood pressure

High blood pressureimposes an extra load on the heart.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 3 Pin

Broken arm

– Jackson had abroken arm.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 4 Pin


– He suffered a seriousinjurythat obliged him to give up work.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 5 Pin


– My doctor wants me to be tested fordiabetes.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 6 Pin

Sore finger

– He used hissore fingeras a pretext for not going to school.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 7 Pin


– I have gottoothache, so I must go to a dentist.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 8 Pin


– He was so nervous that he got astomachache.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 9 Pin


– The most common type ofsprainis the ankle sprain.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 10 Pin

Treatment Names with Examples and Pictures

Bed rest

– The doctor puts his foot in a cast and imposesbed rest.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 11 Pin

Blood tests

– They didblood testson him for signs of vitamin deficiency.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 12 Pin


Dietand exercise are equally important.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 13 Pin


– Your condition is serious and requiressurgery.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 14 Pin


– You need to take someexerciseto loosen up your muscles.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 15 Pin

Physical therapy

– The doctor said she should be given aphysical therapy.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 16 Pin


– The nurse is coming to give you ashot.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 17 Pin


Massagemay help to increase blood flow to specific areas of the body.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 18 Pin


– She was advised to have anX-ray.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 19 Pin

Eye exam

– The best way to prevent vision loss is to get routineeye exams.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 20 Pin

Pressure measuring

– The doctor required that she needed to takepressure measuring.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 21 Pin


– When anexaminationis in order, the doctors do it.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 22 Pin


– Doctors prepared aninfusionof medicinal herbs.

在医生的词汇:疾病和治疗s in English 23 Pin

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