380+ Popular Nouns that Start with M in English

What are nouns that start with M? Nouns are by far the most important grouping of words in the English language. I mean no disrespect to the rest of the categories out there but I think we can all agree that being able to describe a person, place, or a thing is kind of essential. You don’t have to take my word for it. Try speaking any sentence without including a person, place, or thing. Now try doing that when engaging in a conversation with someone.

Yeah, it is hard. You get that nouns are important but unfortunately there are so many to learn. Fear not, because chunking the nouns into groups will make it easier to learn them all. We shall begin with nouns that start with m.

Nouns that Start with M

What Are Nouns that Start with M?

Off the top of my head, I can think of a few everydaynouns从m。例如,你的邮件是否it is a letter from a friend or a dreaded bill to pay, your mail is important. What about a magazine? Another fine member of the nouns that start with m group. I like reading all kinds of sports magazines.

I purchase my magazines at another noun that starts with m. The market, at the market I can buy all sorts of things that I may need, including other m lettered nouns. Maps, a meal, any kind of meat, all nouns that start with m, and all nouns that can be found at the market. The market has got to be my favorite noun that starts with the letter m.

But maybe you don’t think the market is all that great. If this is the case, then read on to find a list of great nouns that start with the letter m. Hopefully, you will find your favorite among them.

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Common Nouns That Start with M

Nouns Example Sentence
米achine Themachinehummed quietly as it churned out the products.
米agazine I love readingmagazineswhile I’m waiting in the doctor’s office.
米agnolia Themagnoliatree in our yard blooms every spring.
米ail I need to go to the post office andmailthis package.
米ailbox The mail carrier put the letters and packages in themailbox.
米ainland We took a ferry to themainlandto visit relatives.
米aintenance Regularmaintenanceis important to keep your car running smoothly.
米akeup She always wears a lot ofmakeupwhen she goes out.
米all Let’s go to themalland do some shopping.
米ammal Whales aremammals,not fish.
米an Theman穿西装的问我问路。
米anagement Goodmanagementis key to running a successful business.
米anager 米ymanagergave me some helpful feedback on my project.
米andarin Can you speak米andarinfluently?
米ango 米angoesare my favorite fruit.
米anor The oldmanorhouse was converted into a bed and breakfast.
米ap I need to consult amapto figure out the best route.
米arathon Running amarathonis a huge accomplishment.
米arch 米y birthday is in米arch.
米argarine I prefer to usemargarineinstead of butter.
米arket The farmers’markethas the freshest produce.
米arquee The theater’smarqueeannounced the latest show.
米arriage A successfulmarriagerequires trust and communication.
米ascot The team’smascotis a tiger.
米ask She put on amaskto protect herself from the dust.
米asonry Themasonrywork on the old building was beautiful.
米ass The church held amassto honor the deceased.
米ast The sailboat’smastwas damaged in the storm.
米aster He’s amasterof the art of negotiation.
米at We need to buy a newmatfor the front door.
米atch He struck amatchto light the candles.
米aterial The dress was made from a soft, silkymaterial.
米athematics I’m not very good atmathematics.
米atrix The movie’s special effects were created using amatrix.
米atter Thematterat hand is urgent and needs to be addressed.
米aximum The car can reach amaximumspeed of 200 miles per hour.
米ayonnaise Can you pass me the jar ofmayonnaise?
米eal We had a deliciousmealat the new restaurant.
米eaning What’s themeaningof this word?
米easurement We need to take accuratemeasurementsbefore we start building.
米eat The butcher has a great selection of freshmeat.
米echanic I need to take my car to themechanicfor an oil change.
米echanism Themechanismthat controls the door is broken.
米edal He won a goldmedalat the Olympics.
米edicine The doctor prescribed somemedicineto help with my sore throat.
米editation She practicesmeditationevery morning to start her day off right.
米eeting Themeetingwas productive and we were able to make some good decisions.
米elody Themelody这首歌是如此吸引人的,我不能把它弄出来f my head.
米ember As amemberof the team, it’s important to contribute and work together.
米emo 我写了一个memoto my boss outlining my ideas for the new project.

Abstract Nouns That Start with M

Nouns Example Sentences
米ajesty Themajestyof the mountains was breathtaking.
米agnificence Themagnificenceof the palace left us in awe.
米ystery Themysterysurrounding the disappearance of the plane deepened.
米odesty Hermodestyprevented her from accepting the compliment.
米ercy He begged formercy,but it fell on deaf ears.
米aturity Hermaturityallowed her to handle the situation calmly.
米elancholy Themelancholyof the song moved her to tears.
米otivation Lack ofmotivationmade it difficult for him to start the project.
米ovement Themovementof the dancers was mesmerizing.
米orality Themoralityof the decision was called into question.
米indfulness 米indfulnessmeditation can reduce stress and anxiety.
米emory Thememoryof her childhood still haunts her.
米odulation Themodulationof his voice made the speech more powerful.
米usicianship Hismusicianshipwas evident in his virtuosic performance.
米orale The team’smoralewas boosted after winning the championship.
米astery Hismasteryof the subject made him an expert.
米isery Themiseryof the refugees was heart-wrenching.
米ultitude Themultitudeof options made it hard to choose.
米odernity Themodernityof the design impressed the jury.
米aterialism Thematerialismof the society was criticized by the artist.
米ortality Themortalityof human beings is a fact we cannot deny.
米ethodology Themethodologyof the experiment was flawless.
米undanity Themundanityof his routine made him feel bored.
米ultiplicity Themultiplicityof meanings in the text puzzled the readers.
米ulticulturalism 米ulticulturalismenriches our society.
米entality Hismentalityis one of a winner, which is why he succeeded.
米iraculousness Themiraculousnessof the recovery amazed everyone.
米anifestation Themanifestationof her dreams took years of hard work.
米agic Themagicof the circus kept the children entertained.
米etaphysics 米etaphysicsdeals with the nature of reality and existence.

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Positive Nouns That Start with M

Nouns Example Sentences
米agic The magician performed a stunning act ofmagicthat left the audience in awe.
米agnificence Themagnificenceof the palace took my breath away.
米ajesty Themajestyof the mountains was a sight to behold.
米arvel The new superhero movie was amarvelof special effects and action.
米astery The chef demonstrated hismasteryof French cuisine with every dish.
米aturity John showed greatmaturityin handling the difficult situation at work.
米eaning The poem had a deep and profoundmeaningthat left me pondering for days.
米eekness Themeeknessof the little lamb was in stark contrast to the ferocity of the lion.
米ellifluousness The singer’smellifluousnessmade every note she sang sound like honey.
米elody Themelodyof the song was so catchy that it stayed stuck in my head all day.
米endicancy The beggar’smendicancywas a stark reminder of the poverty that still existed in the city.
米ercy The judge showedmercyto the defendant by reducing his sentence.
米erit The scholarship is awarded based on academicmerit.
米irth The group burst into laughter, filled withmirth,at the comedian’s joke.
米odesty Sarah showed greatmodestyby declining the offer to be featured in the magazine.
米ojo The team’smojowas at an all-time high after winning the championship.
米omentum The company’s new product gainedmomentumquickly, becoming a bestseller.
米ontage The movie’smontageof the couple’s trip around Europe was breathtaking.
米orale The manager’s speech boosted the team’smoraleand motivated them to work harder.
米otivation She lacked themotivationto exercise regularly until she signed up for a fitness class.
米oxie The young entrepreneur showed greatmoxiein launching her own business.
米usic Themusicof the symphony orchestra filled the concert hall with beauty and emotion.
米utuality Themutualityof their love for each other was evident in the way they looked at each other.
米ystery Themysterysurrounding the disappearance of the treasure still baffles investigators to this day.

Proper Nouns That Start with M

  • 米ichael
  • 米ary
  • 米atthew
  • 米adison
  • 米egan
  • 米organ
  • 米ason
  • 米adison Square Garden
  • 米icrosoft
  • 米ercedes-Benz
  • 米acy’s
  • 米arlboro
  • 米GM Resorts International
  • 米cDonald’s
  • 米arvel Comics
  • 米anchester United
  • 米ilan
  • 米adrid
  • 米ount Everest
  • 米ississippi River

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List of Nouns that Start with M

  • 米achine
  • 米achinegun
  • 米achinery
  • 米achinist
  • 米ackerel
  • 米ad
  • 米adam
  • 米adhouse
  • 米adman
  • 米admen
  • 米adrigal
  • 米adrigaling
  • 米aelstrom
  • 米agazine
  • 米aget
  • 米agic
  • 米agician
  • 米agistrate
  • 米agnanimity
  • 米agnate
  • 米agnet
  • 米agnetism
  • 米agnification
  • 米agnificence
  • 米agnitude
  • 米agnolia
  • 米agnum
  • 米ahogany
  • 米ahua
  • 米aid
  • 米aiden
  • 米aiestie
  • 米ail
  • 米ailbox
  • 米ailing
  • 米ailman
  • 米ain
  • 米ainland
  • 米ainstream
  • 米aintenance
  • 米ajesty
  • 米ajor
  • 米ajority
  • 米ajuh
  • 米ake
  • 米aker
  • 米akeup
  • 米aking
  • 米aladjustment
  • 米alady
  • 米alaise
  • 米alapropism
  • 米alaria
  • 米ale
  • 米alediction
  • 米alevolence
  • 米alfeasant
  • 米alfunctioning
  • 米alice
  • 米alignancy
  • 米alingering
  • 米all
  • 米alnutrition
  • 米alocclusion
  • 米alt
  • 米ama
  • 米ammal
  • 米an
  • 米ana
  • 米anagement
  • 米anager
  • 米andrel
  • 米aneuver
  • 米aneuverability
  • 米aneuvering
  • 米anganese
  • 米anhood
  • 米ango
  • 米ania
  • 米aniac
  • 米anifestation
  • 米anifold
  • 米anipulation
  • 米ankind
  • 米annequin
  • 米anner
  • 米ansion
  • 米antel
  • 米antle
  • 米anual
  • 米anufacture
  • 米anufacturer
  • 米anufacturing
  • 米anumission
  • 米anure
  • 米anuscript
  • 米anzanita
  • 米ap
  • 米aple
  • 米apping
  • 米arathon
  • 米arble
  • 米arch
  • 米are
  • 米argin
  • 米arginality
  • 米arijuana
  • 米arimba
  • 米arina
  • 米arinade
  • 米arine
  • 米ariner
  • 米ark
  • 米arker
  • 米arket
  • 米arketability
  • 米arketing
  • 米arketplace
  • 米arking
  • 米arksman
  • 米arksmanship
  • 米armalade
  • 米arriage
  • 米arrow
  • 米arshal
  • 米artingale
  • 米artini
  • 米arvel
  • 米ascara
  • 米asculinity
  • 米ash
  • 米ask
  • 米asking
  • 米asonry
  • 米asquerade
  • 米assage
  • 米asseur
  • 米assuh
  • 米ast
  • 米aster
  • 米asterpiece
  • 米astery
  • 米astic
  • 米astiff
  • 米at
  • 米atch
  • 媒人
  • 米atchmaking
  • 米ate
  • 米aterial
  • 米aterialism
  • 米ateriel
  • 米ath
  • 米athematician
  • 米atter
  • 米atting
  • 米aturation
  • 米aturity
  • 米aw
  • 米axim
  • 米aximization
  • 米aximum
  • 米ayonnaise
  • 米ayor
  • 米ayorship
  • 米aze
  • 米eal
  • 米ealtime
  • 米ean
  • 米eaning
  • 米eantime
  • 米easure
  • 米easurement
  • 米eat
  • 米echanic
  • 米echanism
  • 米echanist
  • 米edal
  • 米edia
  • 米edian
  • 米edication
  • 米edicine
  • 米ediocrity
  • 米editation
  • 米edium
  • 米ediumship
  • 米edley
  • 米eet
  • 米eeting
  • 米elodrama
  • 米elody
  • 米elon
  • 米elting
  • 米ember
  • 米embership
  • 米emo
  • 米emorial
  • 米emorization
  • 米emorizing
  • 米emory
  • 米en
  • 米entality
  • 米ention
  • 米entioning
  • 米entor
  • 米enu
  • 米erchant
  • 米ercury
  • 米ercy
  • 米erger
  • 米erging
  • 米erit
  • 米ermaid
  • 米erriment
  • 米esh
  • 米essage
  • 米essenger
  • 米etabolism
  • 米etal
  • 米etaphor
  • 米eteorite
  • 米eter
  • 米ethod
  • 米ethodology
  • 米etre
  • 米ica
  • 米ice
  • 米icelle
  • 米icroscope
  • 米icrowave
  • 米idday
  • 米iddle
  • 米idmorning
  • 米idnight
  • 米idst
  • 米ight
  • 米ike
  • 米ilestone
  • 米ilitant
  • 米ilitarism
  • 米ilitarist
  • 米ilitary
  • 米ilk
  • 米ill
  • 米ind
  • 米ine
  • 米iner
  • 米ineral
  • 米inimum
  • 米inister
  • 米inistry
  • 米inor
  • 米inority
  • 米int
  • 米inter
  • 米inute
  • 米iracle
  • 米irror
  • 米isbehavior
  • 米ischief
  • 米isfortune
  • 米issing
  • 米ission
  • 米ist
  • 米istake
  • 米istaking
  • 米istrust
  • 米isunderstanding
  • 米isuse
  • 米itigation
  • 米itre
  • 米ix
  • 米ixer
  • 米ixing
  • 米ixture
  • 米ode
  • 米odel
  • 米oderation
  • 米oderator
  • 米odernism
  • 米odernity
  • 米odernization
  • 米odernizing
  • 米odification
  • 米odifier
  • 米oisture
  • 米old
  • 米ole
  • 米om
  • 米oment
  • 米omentum
  • 米onacle
  • 米oney
  • 米onitor
  • 米onitoring
  • 米onk
  • 米onkey
  • 米onologist
  • 米onotony
  • 米onsoon
  • 米onster
  • 米onstrosity
  • 米onth
  • 米onument
  • 米onumentality
  • 米ood
  • 米oon
  • 米oonlight
  • 米oontrack
  • 米op
  • 米oral
  • 米orale
  • 米oralist
  • 米orality
  • 米orning
  • 米orphology
  • 米orrow
  • 米ortality
  • 砂浆
  • 米ortgage
  • 米ortification
  • 米osaic
  • 米osque
  • 米osquito
  • 米otel
  • 米oth
  • 米other
  • 米otherhood
  • 米otherland
  • 米otion
  • 米otivation
  • 米otive
  • 米otor
  • 米otorist
  • 米otto
  • 米ough
  • 米oulding
  • 米ount
  • 米ountain
  • 米ouse
  • 米oustache
  • 米outh
  • 米outhful
  • 米ove
  • 米ovement
  • 米ovie
  • 米oving
  • 米ucker
  • 米ud
  • 米ug
  • 米ulch
  • 米ule
  • 米ultiplication
  • 米ultiplicity
  • 米ural
  • 米urder
  • 米urderer
  • 米uscle
  • 米use
  • 米useum
  • 米ushroom
  • 米usic
  • 米usical
  • 米usicality
  • 米usician
  • 米usicianship
  • 米usket
  • 米ust
  • 米ustache
  • 米ustard
  • 米uster
  • 米utilation
  • 米utineer
  • 米utiny
  • 米uttering
  • 米utton
  • 米utuality
  • 米uzzle
  • 米yriad
  • 米yrrh
  • 米ystery
  • 米ystic
  • 米ysticism
  • 米yth
  • 米ythology

Learn more with the list ofwords that start with M.

Nouns that Start with M with their Meanings

Below you will find a whole list of nouns that start with m. If you can’t find a single noun that doesn’t excite you then maybe the letter m is just not a good letter for you. There are many great letters to choose from but let us first go over m.

  • 米edia –media is any entity that communicates information. Most commonly known as the news but a movie or television show can also be classified as the media.
  • 米edicine –Everyone knows how important medicine is, it is what keeps us healthy and alive. Anyone that doesn’t take their medicine, whether as a syrup or shot, is a foolish person.
  • 米enu –In my opinion, menus are underrated. Menus guide us through the kitchen of any establishment and allow us to pick and choose what it is that we like. In short, a menu is a list of available choices.
  • 米etal –米etal is the powerful material that is used around the world to build the vehicles and bridges that help us travel. Metal is the lifeblood of any sturdy equipment.

There you have it, did you find what you were looking for? Nouns are important and now you have got a foothold within them.

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