Relative Clause: Definition and Examples of Relative Clauses

One of the specifictypes of clauseswhich can be seen in the English language is the relative clause. What exactly is a relative clause and how can it be used? In this article, we are going to take a look at the answers to both of these questions by looking at some examples of relative clauses in use. By doing this we are further able to understand its definition and function.

Relative Clause

What Is a Relative Clause?

A relative clause is a type ofsubordinate clause,它是为了修改或调整或descri使用be anounor apronoun. Relative clauses are always dependant. Relative clauses must contain both averband a subject and always being with the words who, whom, that, which, when, whose, why or where or any variation of these words.

A relative clause is so called as it relates directly to the noun which it is adapting or describing.

Relative Clause Examples

In order to grasp a better understanding of what a relative clause is, we are now going to take a look at some sentences which feature this type of clause. Within each example sentence, the relative clause will be highlighted in bold.

  • The bedroom,that is upstairs,needs to be redecorated.
  • The dog,which bit my daughter,has been impounded.
  • This book,that I read last week, has really caught the attention of the media.
  • The holiday,which took place in Greece,was very enjoyable.
  • My father,who is from Spain,只能说一点English.
  • Emma’s cousin,who is very tall, will not fit through this door.
  • I would like to go to a countrywhich is warm.
  • This is the butcherthat sells the best meat.
  • My house,which is not very bigstill feels spacious.
  • The manto whom my mother owes the moneyis my brother.
  • The movie,which came out last weekend, has already made number one in thebox office.
  • This carrot,which is larger than usual,will be enough for two people.
  • They are going to a playwhose lead actor is my son.
  • I am giving a present to my sisterwho helped me with my driving lessons.
  • The bank,which opened over a hundred years ago,is still a thriving business.
  • My wife and I are going on a tripwhen she has finished her degree.
  • This man,who has sold his house,now has nowhere to live.
  • My grandfather,who fought in the warstill remembers it clearly.
  • This is the manwho comes to the shop every day.
  • My birthday is the reasonwhy we must celebrate.
  • Winter is the time of yearwhich I enjoy the most.
  • Here is the hole in the wall这是由锤。
  • I walked to the parkwhere I like to read my book.
  • I am from Birminghamwhich is a large city.
  • That is the womanwho has all the cats.
  • I do not like the dogwho keeps barking at night.
  • I love my new bedwhich is very cozy.
  • His uncle,who is in his nineties,still manages to do the gardening.
  • The player,who won the game, was elated to have done so.
  • Do you know the manwho walks past my house each morning?
  • Can I have the moneywhich I loaned you last week?
  • A laptop is a type of computerwhich is portable.
  • The town I come from,which is not very bigdoes have many things to do.
  • Today will be a daywhen good things happen.
  • The woman,who lives down the street,has passed away.
  • Do you see that birdthat is sitting on the tree?
  • She didn’t know how to drive,which was unusual.
  • Is that the boywhosefather owns the pub?
  • I do not like this pastawhich tastes odd.
  • Saturday was the daywhen I met my friend.
  • This is the placewhere I found the kitten.
  • The bike,which belongs to Phillip,has been stolen.
  • A clown is a personwho makes people laugh.
  • That is the manwho loves my sister.
  • The shop,which sells clothes,is about to close down.

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