How to Play Wordle? 2500+ Wordle Words List

Wordle is a new game craze created by Josh Wardle and was later bought by NY Times. This game is part of the game catalog alongside Spelling Quiz Bee, The Crossword, and the Mini.

What Is Wordle?

Wordle became the game in 2022. It is not surprising as there is only one word to guess a day. There is no clue of any type as to what the word of the day is.

You need to guess the word and you will only be given chances to do it. The idea of the game makes it different from all other word games and makes it exciting. Also, there is only one word to guess every day. This is the same word for everyone.

You will be able to brag on the internet that you were able to guess the word before you run out of tries. If you are unable to guess the word of the day, you can try another word the next day.

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How to Play Wordle?

(1)To play Wordle you need to visit this website There is no dedicated app for the game. You can play the game on an Android, iPad, or iPhone browser. Be careful with the apps on App Store or Play Store since these are just copycats of the original game.

(2)When you are already on the website, you can start guessing the word of the day. You can choose any5 letter wordthat comes to your mind. As soon as you had entered your first letter word, you will see that letters could have different colors.

(3)Depending on the colors of the letter, then you can decide your next move. If the letter is gray the letter is not in the word of the day. Green means that the letter is on the word of the day and is on the right tile. If yellow, the letter is on the word of the day but on a different spot.

(4)The next word you will try should depend on the outcome of your first guess. If there are any green letters, then you have to guess aword with those letters在那个地方。采取不e that the next word you are guessing should not have any of the letters in gray from the previous word you tried to guess.

(5)Continue guessing the word until all colors of the letters are green. Remember that the word of the day could have repeating letters. After you had guessed the word of the day, you will have the option to share your achievement. You will also see when the next Wordle would be.

Wordle Tips and Tricks

It is not just learning how to play Wordle but also learning the tips and tricks for winning the game that would be great. Playing Wordle is one of those games where you learn the techniques as you play it. However, having a heads-up would also be helpful for players.

(1)When trying to guess your first word, try usingwords with 3 vowels.Vowelsare important in word creation. Narrowing down the vowels allows you to guess which word it is.

(2)Be mindful of the colors of the letters of the word you are guessing. This will help you guess the word easily. Do not reuse the letters with gray tiles. The color of the tiles will help you narrow down the words you will try to guess next.

(3)Employ the help of Google. You can search on Google for everything and information is limitless. For example, you can search for five-letter words that do not contain the letters in gray. You can search for any clue available based on the outcome of trying the first word.

(4)Be familiar with the letters that are always used together. You have to remember that some words do not have vowels in their first or last two letters. “Clock” for example only has one vowel while “cause” has three. You have to take note of the combination of consonants and vowels in words so you would not be confused.

(5)Some words use one letter more than once. The word “seeds” for example uses two “S” and two “E”. This could be confusing since all the other vowels will be gray and only two consonants will either be green or yellow. So paying attention to how words are spelled or written would help greatly when playing Wordle.

Wordle Words List

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Last Updated on February 26, 2023

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