9 Unique Examples of Words that End in Q in English

A comprehensive list of words that end in Q in the English languge! There are somewordsthat end in uncommon letters. One of these letters is the letter Q, in which few words (beyondproper nouns) end. But what are some examples of these words? This article will review some words that end in Q, severalQ words without letter Uandwords that start with letter Qalso — and will give a simple definition for each word.

单词That End In Q

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3 Letter Words that End in Q

  • Suq
  • Riq

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4 Letter Words that End in Q

  • Ishq

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5Letter Words that End in Q

  • Qajaq
  • Umiaq

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6 Letter Words that End in Q

  • Qulliq
  • Sambuq

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7 Letter Words that End in Q

  • Tsaddiq
  • Kamotiq

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单词Ending In Q with Meanings and Examples


ASuqis a type of Middle Eastern market, a bazaar. It is another way of spelling the wordsouk— which refers to the outdoors market traditionally seen in North Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and the surrounding region. A Suq may also be a singular stall within such a marketplace.


ATsaddiqis, in Judaism, one who is considered righteous — when referencing a figure as such in the Torah, or those of latter spiritual leadership. The word Tsaddiq can also be spelledTzadikorZadik.This figure’s role is to convey prayers from individuals (and groups) to God.


AKamotiqis a sled that has wooden runners. This word is Inuit in origin and is also spelledQamutiik.The Kamotiq is used for a variety of travel purposes, including hunting trips that can last several days long. Alternately, it can be used to transport family members over ice and snow.


Another word of Inuit origin, anUmiaqis a type of long, wide boat. It is also known as anUmiak— and is used to transport large groups of people (families) from one coastal hunting ground to another. This boat consists of whalebone, driftwood, and seal or walrus skin, sealed with oil.


Ishqis an Arabic word that means “passion” or “love”. Classical interpretations of the wordIshqdetermine it to reference a desire to receive the affections of a beloved entity. This word is used in several countries with different romantic, sensual, spiritual, poetic, and religious connotations.


ARiqis a type of tambourine, an Arabicmusical instrument.Riq大约20厘米直径,缺点tructed of a wooden frame, twenty or so cymbals (ten pairs), and a striking surface. The striking surface is traditionally made of goat or fish skin — but can be made of composite material.


ASambuq(from the PersianSanbuk)是一个类型的木船。具体地说,它是一个triangular-sailed sailing vessel that likely originated in India around 600 BC to 600 AD. In more recent times, the craft has been used as a fishing or pearl diving boat in the area of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula.


AQulliqis a type of lamp used by the Inuit, Yupik, andChukchi people.It is a lamp that is specifically designed to burn for long periods of time in a relatively smokeless fashion. It is created from soapstone or pottery, a wick made of cottongrass or moss, and burns seal or whale-based oils.


Qajaqis the term for the traditional kayak of Greenland. Used by the Inuit people, the Qajaq is tailor-made for each individual.

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